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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Work and Play

Today Gio had a scheduled therapy dog visit at Rosthern Mennonite Nursing Home. We had a slight issue regarding home security last night, and as a result I did not feel comfortable leaving Romeo home alone for the 3 hours I would be away. So Romeo got to come along, and just napped in the car while Gio had his visit.

The visit went really well. At one point a couple of the visitors and employees pulled out some musical instruments, a guitar and a harmonica, and started up a little "jam session", playing old waltzes and such. People were asking if Gio wanted to dance, so I went through a few of his tricks, spins, twirls, and some heel patterns, and tried to make it look like he was dancing to the music. The residents really seemed to like the show, and I think Gio really did enjoy the sound of the harmonica!

On the way home, we stopped at the off leash park for a bit of a run. It was a little chilly out, definitely over cast, but the boys didn't mind. Gio got a chance to run and bark like a fool, and Romeo just enjoys chasing and exploring.

Gio demonstrating that he was a Pointer in a past life.

The park was pretty empty today, a preference of mine actually as, more often than not, we run into unattended dogs and people that don't know general dog park rules. We did run into a sweet little 5 month old Lab pup, though. She and Romeo played for a while. She was more interested in Gio, but Gio is a grumpy old man and doesn't really do the playing thing. He's more than happy to run, chase and bark, but doesn't get how real dog playing works. Romeo's been teaching him to wrestle at home, but that has yet to transfer over to other dogs.


Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

It sounds like Gio was a star at the nursing home. Good boy! :-)

They looked like they were having fun at the dog park.

I shall vote for them on the dogster too.

Ruby said...

It sounds like you guys had a great day.
Your off leash dog park is fabulous. I prefer when our off leash park is emptier too. Ruby doesn't get trampled then.

Good work at the seniors home Gio.
Love Ruby

Bree/Reilly said...

That is a great looking park - lots of room to run. I guess the cold weather has set in park is still very green - yours looks very brown.

Great work at the nursing home.

Reilly - anti word verification unit

Charlie Daniels said...

That looks like a great place for a run :-)

I hope home security is under control now.



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