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Thursday, October 23, 2008

How did they get in my room!?

This was posted this afternoon to a Sheltie forum that I frequent.

My question ... how the heck did they sneak into my room and take this picture without the boys waking up?

It is creepily accurate, right down to the dog toys scattered on the floor. While the dogs in the picture outnumber my two by a total of five, Gio and Romeo easily fill the spots indicated. Gio generally occupies the spots in the picture that have tri-colored Shelties, while Romeo rotates between the pillow-sleeper, leg-sleeper, and flanker. And the little sable bum under the bed, well, Gio used to sleep under my bed when he was able to fit. He likely still would if he could get under there!


the Corgi Girls said...

LOL! This could be true of corgis too!

M & I

Lian said...

Oh dear! It looks exactly the way my bed is !! How true!!

Diana said...

This looks like my bed too except the chihuahua's are now under the covers because its gotten cooler. This picture is way to cute! Diana

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