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Sunday, October 19, 2008

What I won't do for the dogs

I was absolutely run off my feet today. Or at least it feels like it now.

The agility group that Romeo is taking classes with was offering a Halloween photo shoot this morning. So I took the boys out there, decked and bedazzled in their Halloween bandannas. The pictures, what I saw of them on the small screen of the digital camera being used, looked great! They should be printed for next weekend and will eventually be online for little a "Vote for the Best" contest. I'll be sure to post them here when I can.

After being gorgeous super models, it was off to Rally-O for a couple of hours. I worked the boys on a couple of small house-keeping things for the quickly approaching trial in November. Gio has crooked "stands", so when he goes into a down from a stand it is even more crooked. So we have been working on cleaning those up. Romeo just got worked lightly today, some heel patterns and focus work. Then I taught a puppy class. It was graduation day so we played a couple of games and relay races, had some cookies and an off-leash play time. Following that was a beginner obedience class that is taught by a couple of other ladies in the club. And finally, followed by another Rally-O time, where I worked Gio on his Versatility level exercises. He is really coming along nicely with heeling on the right side. Still likes to have crooked sits, so we are practicing along a wall until he gets the gist of it. We're slowly working on his hind-end movement to the right. He has beautiful movement to the left, but it doesn't flow as nicely on the other side. I'm starting with heeling in big clockwise circles, then gradually making the circles smaller and smaller to trick him into moving that hind end of his. Got a couple of really nice breakthroughs today!

After Rally-O, we came home and I put my feet up for about an hour and a half. Then off again to agility! Romeo started his Advanced Beginners I tonight. The first class was dedicated to the tunnel. Building tunnel drive (like Romeo needs any more of that!) and proofing entrance recognition. So a lot of releases to the tunnel from funny angles, then pairing it up with a jump, forcing the dog to fire out over the jump then loop back around for the tunnel. Romeo did really well and thoroughly enjoyed himself! By the end of the night, I could tell he was getting tired, though.

We're home now, finally. Fed, watered, and peed. And it is definitely time for bed!

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