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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shop With Us!

I was browsing through CafePress this afternoon and couldn't find the Sheltie items that I was looking for! There are loads of Sheltie items available there, but not quite what I wanted. So I thought, "Fine then, I'll do it myself!"

And now I have a store on CafePress.

So far, it is just a "basic" store. That means that I can only have one of each "item" available. I've designed 3 different images, but I can only put one image on each blank item that they offer. I've tried to make some t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, and miscellaneous items for each image, but you can only do so much as a basic. I will play things by ear and see how sales go for the next couple of months. If sales are good, then I will consider upgrading to their "premium" account, and that will allow me to offer all of the images in all of the available items. More selection for everyone looking for Sheltie paraphernalia! YAY!

I'm also open to feedback! If you like what you see, let me know. Want something else? I'd love suggestions. Have a preference for certain items? Drop me a line. Leave a comment somewhere here on the blog and I will find it. It's the whole supply and demand situation ... if demand picks up, I will supply!

The link to my store is in the left-hand column. It's also right here.

Here are the images that I am currently offering:


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Hi Gio and Rio!

I'm Scottie...I think we've met before at the Bonezone in DWB, but I have yet to visit your blog,so here I am! =)

Your Mom is really talented for making your own stuff to sell! I wish my Mom did such things,but she's really bad at designing and what not..haha! Anyways, I hope your store does really well...*grins* I like the image that says 'Life is better with Sheltie hair'...*wink*

Hope you have a great week ahead!



Hey did you know that DWB's has a "shopping mall" that your store could be a part of?

It's called Paws Mall and is at

Woofs Casper and pals

the Corgi Girls said...

CUTE! We love cafe press...

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