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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Homework? Really?!

I haven't had this much "homework" in ages! And I haven't even been working on school work.

Saskatoon Pet Expo is coming quickly, and preparations for it are well under way. Pet Expo is an annual trade-show-like event in Saskatoon. It takes place at Prairieland Park and includes various pet related booths, displays and demonstrations. I love Pet Expo, it is a great time! But this year is busier than ever.

Normally I just participate in the booth and demos that my flyball team enters. Take a couple of shifts, help out with the demos, and wander the trade show for a couple of hours. But my dog life seems to be exploding, and as such, Pet Expo is going to be a non-stop weekend for me! I have shifts for the River Runners flyball booth, the St. John Ambulance therapy dog booth, and the Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club booth.

Tonight I have been making up class sign-up sheets, raffle entry slips, and informational brochures on how to select a purebred dog and how to find a reputable breeder for the Hub City booth, making up the booth and demo schedule for the River Runners booth, and getting all the boys' health forms together and ready to fax off so that they can come and enjoy the fun as well.


It's not even 8pm and I'm absolutely wiped! But I got MOST of what I had planned finished this evening. Still have to make some dog cookies to take to puppy class on Sunday for the people and puppies that are graduating, and I need to trim Gio's feet up for his therapy dog visit tomorrow.

Now for a trip to my happy place ...


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Wow..that really sounds like a heavy schedule! But then, pet expos are always so fun, even though we all get wiped out! hehe! Hope everything goes well at the Pet Expo! Wish I could be there,but since I can't...I'll wait for your blog posts about it. *wink*


Diana said...

Do your dogs really sleep like that? Very cute! Diana

Ruby said...

Alot of work, but the effort is worth it. I wish we had pet expos in Thunder Bay. Maybe I should look into that.

Love Ruby

GeeRome said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! They do occasionally sleep like that, they are quite cuddly with each other when they are tired. In this particular case, they had both been out running all afternoon. When I came home, I grabbed a snack and the boys know that they have to go sit on the bed if they want a piece (prevents them from hovering while I munch). They were so tired waiting for their snack, they both started to nod off. :D Funny dogs!

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