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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Therapy Dog Visit to Rosthern Mennonite Nursing Home

Once a month I take Gio out to Rosthern to the Rosthern Mennonite Nursing Home for a visit with the residents. Rosthern is about a 45 minute drive North of Saskatoon (45 minutes the way I tend to drive, anyways). The nursing home is located on a beautiful plot of land next to the Mennonite Youth Farm Complex.

Within the complex, past the youth farm, is the nursing home.

It was just a short visit today. With Gio's recent cluster of seizures, he is taking longer than expected to recover. He's still a little antsy (and with antsy comes vocal!) and I believe he may have stressed his hind leg during the seizures. Gio has had a bad hind right leg for a couple of years now, and I think the added stress of the seizures caused him to re-injure it to an extent. As such, he is still a little wobbly in the back end, and has difficulty on the slippery floors of the nursing home. So, we kept the visit to just over half hour, instead of our regular hour.

Just a random side note, there was a corn maze set up at the youth farm that we passed. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to stop, though.

Also happening this weekend in Saskatoon is the Diamonds in the Rough annual flyball tournament. Our team, River Runners, is participating. I don't have either of the boys running, so decided to stop by for a couple of hours this morning to take some video of the rest of our team. In running our dogs, we rarely get a chance to watch them run. We see their fluffy bums running away from us for a few seconds, and then we just turn and run away from them so we don't see anything that happens in between. Here is the compiled video I put together from the bits I got this morning.


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Hi Gio and Romeo,

Buddy has done some pet therapy visiting too!

We watched your flyball team and saw some doggies we know and people. We saw Lily and her girl and Del and Ferne. We know them from agility.

And was that an eskie we saw on one of the other teams ?

Wonder who it was?

Woofs Casper, Nikki and Buddy

GeeRome said...

I think you are maybe talking about Polar, the Samoyed? I can't recall what team he is on, though.

There was a American Eskimo mix there, but I don't know if we ever ran against it.

One of our team members got a new American Eskimo pup that she will be starting in our next beginner class!

Bree/Reilly said...

I hope your feeling better soon Geo...its never fun when you just don't feel like your old self.

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