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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Camera Shopping

I'm wanting to invest in a new camera ... but really have no idea where to start!

A few things about my "photography style":
- I'm by no means a professional photographer nor do I inspire to be one, so am pretty clueless when it comes to all the specifics and terms used in the biz
- I'm very much a "point and shoot" kinda gal, I can handle different settings, but prefer if I don't need to tinker and tweak to account for changes in lighting, etc.

I'd like something digital, and a video option would be nice though not required. I mainly take pictures of the dogs, so the ability to take nice action shots is what I'm really after!

I'm currently using a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T33. It's decent little camera, but really isn't all that great as far as low lighting situations or action shots. If I want to get a nice picture, it basically has to be a still shot, outdoors, and between the hours of 10am and 4pm. Late afternoon/evening lighting isn't enough to allow me to take a good picture. And anything other than absolutely ideal lighting means that I can't take action shots. Things are just too dark. And taking pictures with standard indoor lighting is completely out of the question!

So what would you suggest for a digital camera that:
- won't break the bank
- is easy to use
- takes nice pictures in low lighting/indoor lighting
- takes good action shots in all lighting

Either brand/makes would be good, or specific requirements that I can look for in different makes. You know, those fancy terms and numbers that I don't totally understand.

I've had a few people suggest brands/makes that they like, so any comments on these options are also appreciated!
Canon Digital Rebel XT - Looks wonderful, but might be a bit too much camera for me.
Canon PowerShot S5IS
Olympus Stylus 1010
Canon EOS 450D
A variety of Nikon CoolPix
Nikon D40
Canon SX100 IS


BenTheRotti said...

I've already commented on DWB so have nothing further to add with respect to camera shopping.. just wanted to say hi!


Ben xxxxxx

ball=cheese said...

I like anything by Canon. ;) Specifics of what you want, I couldn't say for certain, but my PowerShot is pretty good. Just need a tripod for those indoor action shots. Might help with the lower lighting outdoor shots as well.

GeeRome said...

Ooh yeah, I like that camera that we used to take the flyball pictures. Was that one the PowerShot? What make?

Kim said...

I just got the Canon Rebel XT. I am still learning how to use it and all it's features. I love the picture quality of this camera. This camera can be expensive, although there is a newer version out now (XTI and XS) so you may be able to find a good deal on the XT.

Before I got the Rebel, I had (well, I still have it and will still use it) a Canon Powershot A630. There are upgraded versions of the A630 now, but overall, I really like this little camera. Easy to use, nice pictures and I really like the flip-out LED display. You can turn it inwards when you are not using the camera, so it doesn't get scratched.

I don't think you can go too wrong with a Canon - everyone I know who has them,seems to like them.

Have fun with your shopping.

Cookie & Gray Dawntreader said...

My mom had a Sony that had EXCELLENT lighting. With my camera, inside pictures tend to be dark and I usually have to enhance then. But not so with my mom's camera.
Wish I could remember the model...I can't just look at the camera because my brother was borrowing that camera and he lost it...

Samantha said...

I have the Canon 400D which is the same as the Rebel XTi. I have been usuing the manual mode setting a little but i mostly use the auto settings at the moment. I am not good enough at setting it manually for anything other than practice shots. I plan to use the manual settings a lot more though.
Anyway when i got the camera i was fortunate as my dh had a lens that fitted it from his old Canon slr. It is the Canon EF 75-300mm lens. This take much better action shots than the kit lens does. I have managed to get some great action ones with the kit lens still but they are not as sharp as the 75-300mm. I am looking into getting another lens perhaps for Christmas as they are so expensive here. I want one better than the kit lens but not as close up zoom wise as the other one.
So i would really recommend the Canon XTi, i love mine, i just wish i new how to use it better. I need lots more practice yet.

Diana said...

I have a casio Exslim s880. I really like it. If you view my blog, all my pictures are taken with it since Feb. I love the video it takes. Its easy to delete part of the video while viewing it in the camera and you can watch in slow motion on the camera. Its set up to download to Youtube too. ( I really dont use Youtube , but you can). Diana

Amber said...

Interesting...... It's a wonderful story of your camera shopping experience.

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