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Monday, September 8, 2008

Beginner Agility Graduation

Tonight was graduation night for Romeo's beginner agility class. They set up a little course, just 13 obstacles or so ... jumps, tires, weaves, tunnels, chute, pause table, low A-frame and dog walk. Each dog in the class took turns running the course a couple of times. Romeo had a blast! I had been working on some sequencing with him on my own, but normally just 4-5 obstacles at a time as we are still polishing each obstacle. So when he got in front of all those obstacles and realized he got to do ALL of them, he couldn't be stopped! LOVES the dog walk and soared over the A-frame. He was so easy to handle, just seemed to "know" where to go before I told him. Of course, the course was pretty easy, no hard corners just a sort of serpentine back-and-forth curving line, but I still think he did amazingly well!

Gio was born to play flyball, he just seemed to "get it" immediately. I think agility is Romeo's "thing", he's just clicked with it and has an absolute blast every time.

The instructors that we are learning from are taking a bit of a break from classes to host a couple of agility trials in the coming weeks. So our next set of classes, Advanced Beginner I, won't start up until mid-October. I guess that means we will have to get the weave poles out in the back yard again and do some practicing on our own. I always like to be ahead of the game when we get to classes!

1 comment:

Simba said...

CONGRATS!! sound like an agility star in the making!!

I'm learning the weaves at home now...just got my own set of 6 poles built for me!



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