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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"101 Things to Do With a Box"

This is a great game that has been explained in numerous places online. As such, I'm not going to detail how to play the game with your dog. If you haven't heard of this game before, here is a great website that explains it quite well:
Karen Pryor:

Whenever I get my hands on a solid and sturdy box, I break out the clicker and treats for a game with the dogs. I've found that I can get different levels of tricks depending on the box I choose to use. Larger boxes usually result in better actions, and Romeo has presented some really cool ones on occasion. A favorite of his seems to be standing on the box with all 4 feet, then progressing to sitting on the box and laying down on the box. Today, I only had a small box handy, so the tricks are much less entertaining. The boys have a lot of fun, nonetheless!

Below is a video of Romeo's session. Gio's session isn't included, as he is significantly more exuberant about the game, and it often turns into "101 Ways to Destroy a Box" quite quickly.

1 comment:

inthedish said...

well, "hi" back at you! I didn't know you blogged either!

definitely going to have to try "101 things to do w/ a box" next time we get a sturdy one!

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