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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy Busy Sunday

It seems like I have barely had time to sit down this weekend!

Up early (-ish) this morning and back to the flyball tournament to take some more video. It doesn't seem as if I got as much today as I did yesterday. Tomorrow evening I will work on putting the clips together and post the resulting video here as well as on YouTube.

I probably could have slept in a wee bit, but there was a reason I wanted to get to the flyball tournament decently early this morning. A local artist was set up and I wanted to be first in line! He has been at a couple of dog shows and events, but it seems that whenever I run into him, something prevents me from stopping. Either no time, no money, or an already large line-up! He does great colorful portraits of dogs, cats, people, whatever. I got a portait of Gio a couple of years back at a flyball tournament he was set up at, so it was time to get one of Romeo done.

The artist is Ryan Schmidt from I just love his works, they are so bright and vibrant!

I left the flyball tournament around noon, ran home for a quick second, then had to dash off again for the Hub City Kennel Club classes from 1-5. Then a friend's birthday party this evening. I ditched out of that early as I was absolutely pooped and could not stop yawning. I almost can't wait for the normal work week to begin again so that I can get some normal rest time!

Here are a couple of quick pics that I was able to snap of some up-and-coming dogs on our flyball team. They were just at the tournament to soak up the atmosphere.

Aura - Rough Collie

Millie - American Eskimo

Monty - Hound cross


Gramma D said...

Geo & Romi

No matter if you two are in a photo,a painting, or in real life, I think you both are the most beautiful boys I have ever seen.

Gramma D.

Cookie & Gray Dawntreader said...

He did do a good job on those portraits!

Xsara ... said...

very nice portraits!

manymuddypaws said...

I have had Ryan paint two of my dogs too- I love them! Your two look neat.

Samantha said...

Lovely Portraits, i really like things like that.
I would like to get a painting or something done of my two together sometime.

ball=cheese said...

I like Ryan's work, too. Looks like we kept missing each other this weekend. I didn't get there until after lunch Sunday. Oh well. We'll catch up on an ice cream night or something soon. Get some rest, D!

Bree/Reilly said...

Those are great paintings and of coarse they had to be - just look at the subjects!

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