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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Dismemberment of Mr. Caterpillar

Mr. Caterpillar was a present for a job well done at the trials this weekend. The boys LOVE Mr. Caterpillar, especially Romeo as Mr. Caterpillar is just about as long as Romeo is, so he's really fun to fling around and shake.

After dinner, the boys often get rowdy and this evening poor Mr. Caterpillar got in the way. Much fun ensued, resulting in many blurry off-centered photos of fluff, slobber, and caterpillar legs.

This following picture is KEY to learning the reason behind the dismemberment of Mr. Caterpillar ...

See what Romeo is holding on to??

Yeah, it came off.

Poor Mr. Caterpillar.


Cookie & Gray Dawntreader said...

Teehee. Treader tore the ear off his Bandit the St. Bernard the other day.


Please come check our site. Since you have one award, we decided you deserved to more.

Essex & Deacon

Simba said...

BOL! Too funny!!!


Winnie said...


RIP, Mr. Caterpillar.

Samantha said...

Oh dear poor Mr Caterpillar, lol
They enjoyed it though, hehe

I don't think it would last long with my two either before a leg or something gets tugged off.

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