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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

101 Things to Do With a Box ... #2

Even if the amount of snow on the ground is quite pathetic compared to what we are used it, it is still winter time, none the less. So that means that it gets dark very early in the evening, usually around 5pm or so. By the time I get home from work, there is no light left to enjoy the back yard with the dogs or to take in any park-action. As such, I am sure to find things for them to do in the house that will exercise their brains and bodies.

Tonight was another round of "101 Things to Do With a Box". (See our previous entry for more explanation.) I did not have a suitable box handy, so decided to use a plastic step stool instead. It holds up much better than a cardboard box anyways.

Here is a video of Romeo's attempts. Gio did have a good go with the stool as well, but his footage didn't make the final cut. He had decided to position himself between the stool and the camera, so I got a lot of video of his very happy tail and a lot of fluff, but very little else. Near the end of our session, Romeo was pulling out some really cute stuff ... including wedging himself halfway under the stool and sticking his head out of the side. Unfortunately, the camera had cut off without me noticing so that was missed. Next time, I will try the stool again and maybe Romeo will pull out those cute tricks before the camera decides to go to sleep.



Wow, that sure looks like fun.

Essex & Deacon

Winnie said...

Hmm, the stool seems like a better thing to use than the box in the long run because there are more things you can come up with (i.e. going up the "stairs") instead of just jumping on top of the box.

Looks like fun!

Comet and BLU said...

We have a stool almost like that. Now our girl is going to make us do tricks on it. We think she should just keep watching the video of you doing the tricks. You do them so well!!

Thank you very much for the card! We love your expressions.

Poopsie Blue said...

Hi there!

Came to find you and say 'Thank-You' for your Christmas Greetings!
Loved the photo of you both under the tree.

I'm sorry I've found you before, as know your home city well - have visited it frequently as have cousins farming between Kerrobert & Kindersley Sask!
Even your Cresent struck a cord as they have a cabin on the lake @ Cochin - small world...

Best wishes, pats & pets
Blue, the human dog lover

Lacy said...

w00f's Pups, thank u sooo much fur me card..mine will b coming soon...isnt this christmas card exchange fun??

b safe,

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