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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Because of my "big day" last week, I decided to take a couple of days off of work this week. Mainly just to allow my sanity to catch back up with me, and to allow myself to catch up on all the things I have been neglecting this past while.

Yesterday was spent Christmas shopping and running errands. Today was all about the boys! Last week I received an e-mail saying that Romeo's St. John Ambulance therapy dog bandanna and certificate had arrived at the Saskatoon main office. There was also a request that I bring the boys by for a visit when I stopped in to pick it up. So I loaded the boys in the car this afternoon and headed over to the SJA office on Broadway. They had a good visit with the nice ladies that work in the office.

That is where the fun ended for the boys, at least temporarily. Next, was bath time. The dreaded quarterly bath. The boys were both getting very dirty, stinky and grey. Gio is a sucker for ear scratches, so after he cons everyone he meets into rubbing his ears, they tend to get a little greasy. And well, Romeo is just a pig. Especially now that our agility classes are being held in a horse arena on some sort of dirt/rubber/horse manure combo on the ground. Great for running on, but messy as all heck!

So I took the boys by Vaganza's for a "U-Groom". I know I have mentioned it before, but I really do love the U-Groom option at Vaganza's! You get to use their raised tubs, high velocity drier, and grooming tables, plus all the shampoo, conditioner, whitener, detangler, and Pet Silk that you want! All for a very reasonable price.

Neither of the boys like bath days, but they tolerate it. They are both getting much better at accepting the high velocity drier. Romeo doesn't even raise a fuss until I get near his head. Gio's tolerance for the drier is more related to time than location. He will calmly accept the drier for about 5-7 minutes ... after that, it is war. I'm getting pretty good at the drier thing, though, so I am now able to work around the boy's tolerance levels and get them "mostly" dry. Usually just the ears and a little bit around their neck remains wet when we are done. I can live with that. Then a little bit of Pet Silk and they are poofy and fluffy, all ready to go! Whites white, and blacks shiny. At home, I tidied up their feet (it was long over-due). Of course, ending it all off with a nice cookie.

I can tell that the boys feel much better after their baths. They are both quite fiesty now, Gio especially, harassing Romeo into play wrestling with him. Romeo is just happy to bounce and spin everywhere like a maniac.

I've got a couple of more little things to do before it's back to work tomorrow. I finished up all of my Christmas cards, tidied up my office area a bit, now just need to update my 4-month calendar (without that calendar I am completely lost).

Back to work tomorrow. It seems so much more tolerable now that the "school" part of it is finished!

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BrandytheGreat said...

Thank you Gio and Romeo for the pawesome ecard!
Do visit us at
The blog site on the mailing list was a mistake.:-(

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