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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cows and Snow

Since Gio is quite the stumbly-bum at the moment due to his new medication, there hasn't been a lot of frivolity around the house. Frivolity usually ends up in Gio running head first into furniture or spread eagle on the floor. So we are keeping it pretty low-key until his meds settle out. Romeo is a great "little brother", still a complete pest but he seems to know that Gio isn't feeling so hot so is playing really nicely with him, tolerant when Gio steps on him, and only steals his toys some of the time.

Because Romeo still needs his fun, I took him out to the park for a good run around. Gio stayed home as, with my luck, we would get to the park and he would collapse into a snow bank and I would have to carry him back home again. So I bundled up for the cold, grabbed the chuck-it and Romeo and I headed out. Romeo was all gung-ho about it, of course. But as soon as we got to the park, he was holding his feet up and complaining about the cold. JEEZ! So we walked back home and tossed the ball around in the back yard for a bit. Somehow, the snow in the back yard wasn't as cold as the snow in the park. Who knew?!

"K, I'm ready! Throw the ball!!"

"Umm ... little problem. I can't find the ball."

So I found the ball ... yes, me, the human, trudged through the snow to fetch the ball FOR MY DOG! SHEESH!
"YAY! You rescued it! Now, throw it again."

"Hey, you'll never guess what I found in that snow drift over there. A BALL!"

"What are you staring at? Do I have something on my face?"

Enough of that BS. It's FREAKING COLD out here! (Specifically, -29C, -20F, without the wind) Time to go back in and thaw out.

Gio got a bit of a play session in with the cow that Moxie and Izzie sent the boys. Much less enthusiastic than usual, but stumbly-bum playing none the less.



We love that face with all the snow on it. We give it four paws up.

Hope Gio gets to feeling better soon. Though we might giggle a bit seeing him run into the furniture.

Several years agoe Essex ran full speed into a Dog Park Sign Post at the City Dog Park, while chasing after the evil conch tour train. If she hadn't hurt herself, Dad would of laughed himself silly.

She now keeps a weary eye out for palm trees and sign posts.


- - - - - -

I tell you those things move. I swear. Paw Scouts honor.


Josh and Jess said...

Sorry to hear that Gio is still not feeling well. Hope the new meds will make him better soon (without the nasty side effects!). Have a very happy the three of you.
Love, Josh, Jess and Mama

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Poor Gio - hopefully he'll feel better soon and not have the medicine side-effects. Romeo's snow face is so precious!

Happy Holidays to you all!

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, we love it "do I have something on my face?!"...

So we tried your doggie fudge recipe today! We made one batch with peanut butter instead of meat... then a batch with canned chicken instead of fish because my MILs doggies are unsure of fish (can you believe it?!)... we will be trying the fishy variety for the corgis though, as they LOVE fishies!


Simba said...

have a merry christmas guys!!

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