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Sunday, November 2, 2008

VOTE FOR US! & More Camera Testing

First off ... VOTE FOR US!

A while back, the Sheltie Hair blog was selected as Dog Site of the Day from Now, the voting has been opened for Dog Site of the Month. All the selected sites from October are available to be voted on. You can vote once per day with one e-mail address. I'd really appreciate it if you voted for me, #17 on the list!

Just click on "Vote for Monthly Best"

Now, for the handsome puppers!

I wanted a new camera because most of the pictures I take are of the dogs. And most of the fun picture opportunities are through the various classes and clubs that we attend. We get so many dogs together for play dates or even just socializing at classes, that I would love to have some pics of the boys with their buddies. But my old CyberShot just didn't want to take a decent picture indoors. The large buildings that we use for classes and gatherings were little CyberShot's worst nightmare!

The "Big Test" for my new Canon was this afternoon at Hub City class. We had an hour for working club dogs before the public classes started up, so I got a couple of "working" pictures and a couple of "social" pictures. All things considering (ie. big empty room with dim lighting full of quickly moving puppers), it performed pretty well!

Sasha heeling so nicely.

More pretty Sasha. She's so attentive!

Little Zephyr.

Handsome Harley.

Tetley was being so goofy, trying to cuddle up with Harley.

More Sasha with her airplane ears.

Mr. Droopy Lip Gio.


Kim said...

It is hard to get good indoor pictures - yours turned out great! Have fun with your new camera.

Bree/Reilly said...

great photos - we voted for you!!!!!

Ruby said...

That camera does take nice pictures. Does it have a long shutter delay? We voted for you.


Sarah said...

awww Gio has the bubba gump lip like Kaleb!!!!

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