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Also including information on raw feeding, canine epilepsy, positive training, and lots and lots of Sheltie hair!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Apologies and More Christmas

Hey all. First, I need to apologize for the pathetic upkeep of the blog this past while. Non-computer-related life has been CRAZY, and I have had neither the time nor the energy to be witty or intelligent or entertaining. I PROMISE to get back in the swing of things soon ... like tomorrow, when all this craziness should be over.

They boys are not enjoying this new life of "neglect" either. I fear they may have sunk into depression due to the lack of movement of their toys.

Romeo has even threatened "squeakicide".

"Play with me or the squeaky tug lion gets it!"

Soon, boys, I promise!

In the mean time, we got another Christmas e-card from the DWBs Christmas card exchange. This one from Rusty and his mom, Sharon.


Charlie Daniels said...

G'day You Two

Sorry I haven't been around to visit in a while .. things have been a bit rough at my place ..

"Play with me or the squeaky tug lion gets it!" .... I LOVE IT :-)



Sarah said...

lol "squeekicide" i'm gonna use that one!!!

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, don't do it, it's worth living for! Har har har...

Good luck tomorrow!!! ;o)

Josh and Jess said...

Looking forward to your new adventures, but take it easy... squeekicide, lol!

Hugs, Josh and Jess

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