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Also including information on raw feeding, canine epilepsy, positive training, and lots and lots of Sheltie hair!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Puppy Pedicure

I've been a little slack on trimming the boy's feet lately. Normally I will trim their paw hair once a week or so, just to keep things neat and tidy. But I haven't now for about 3 weeks. I know, I'm so negligent!

Tomorrow night Gio is working a St. John Ambulance volunteer open house, so it is definitely time to trim the feet. And this coming weekend, both boys are entered in a Rally-O trial in Regina, and I always like to have them spiffed up for public performances. All of that means that tonight was Foot Night! Since their feet were so dirty and so unkempt, I decided we might as well take advantage of the Foot Night and get those paws nice and messy. What better way to get feet dirty than to pull out a couple of big, bloody RMBs!

YUM! Beef was on the menu tonight, thanks again to my boss for providing the goodies for the boys.

Gio's RMB method ... Dig right in and squish that meat really deep between your toes. Be sure to smear it all up your legs, too.

Romeo's RMB method ... Utilize your contortionist abilities in attempts to avoid getting your paws messy. Then realize that your big brother is beating you at the RMB carnage and resort to ysing your paws.

"Um ... Gio? ... Your tail is touching my snack."

The result ... Very messy feet!

After a foot-bath and some clipping and trimming, the paws are sparkly white and cute again!


Ruby said...

Those are very cute feet. What do you use to trim their nails with?

GeeRome said...

I just use regular clippers. Gio's quicks are insanely long, even though I trim nails every 3-4 days. We're working on taking them back, but it's slow going.

the Corgi Girls said...

Moxie currently has Clydesdale feet, really really furry!

M & I

Josh and Jess said...

Every 3-4 days? Is that because they grow so fast or because you guys like them really short? Ma does it every two weeks or so.

GeeRome said...

A bit of both. Their nails grow very quickly, and I like to keep them short. The shorter the nail, the healthier the paw is. If the nails hit the ground when the dog walks, it not only hurts but begins to misform the foot, pushing the toes out of proper alignment. Try tapping your fingernail on the desk for a couple of minutes. Starts to hurt after not a very long time. Now imagine having to do that all day as you moved around naturally.

Shawna L said...

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