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Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow and Splarts

Gio was scheduled to make a visit to his ladies at Stensrud Lodge this afternoon, but we had to cancel. On therapy dog days, I leave work at noon so that I have time to get home, have some lunch, and groom Gio up all handsome before our visit. I pulled into the driveway shortly after noon today and could hear Gio barking from the basement where his crate is. That only means one thing ... someone has got to go poop!

I quickly got into the house and let him out of his crate and he ran straight to the back door, no time for "hey how are ya"s. Poor guy has a bad splart situation happening. It is likely due to his potassium bromide levels again. So I'll knock his medication back a little bit this evening. After our last blood work, the vet recommended that I cut back his potassium bromide a bit as it was slightly over the recommended therapeutic level. Since it wasn't over by much and there weren't any side effects, I decided to leave it where it was. But now that there are side effects it is time to cut back.

We had to cancel our visit as I'm sure Gio's ladies don't want to cuddle up with a stinky poo dog, and Gio has to run outside about every half hour, so it wouldn't be fair to make him work for an hour with no relief.

Aside from the stinky bum, Gio's spirits are high and he seems to be feeling fine. He and Romeo took some time out of their afternoon naps to have a game of chase in the back yard. Chase games between Gio and Romeo are always hilarious to watch. Gio puts his Cujo Face on and both dogs make "I'm gonna eat you" noises. But it's all for show, they are best buddies in the end.


Ruby said...

Poor guy. Hope he's better soon. I like Gio's cujo face.
Have a good weekend.
Love Ruby

Coco said...

Poor Gio. i hope he is better soon! i love the cujo bitey face...i do it to my mommy too, but she doesnt bitey face me back...i wonder why?

Have a good weekend,

Tail wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco - The Princess

Gussie said...

Someone else with snow! Pout. Hope the digestion gets better soon.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hope Gio is feeling better soon! Glad to see it doesn't keep him from wanting to play!


We sure hope Gio starts feling better soon. We do love the picture of the snow. We don't get to see any here in Key West. We have to wait until we go on vacation up north.

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