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Monday, November 17, 2008

More Pictures from the Rally-O Trial

Here are a couple more pictures that didn't make it into yesterday's story.

As I was getting everything ready to load in the car, Gio decided that he had better stay close by so that I didn't forget to pack him, too.

Piper, a little Cairn Terrier that trains with us regularly, is just the cutest little thing. He did really well this weekend, especially considering it was his first trial!

Ty, my favorite little Corgi. She LOVES Rally-O, and prances her way around the ring.

First thing to do when you get to a hotel ... test out the bed.

Friday night I ordered some pasta and pizza bread from Boston Pizza. The boys practiced their best "Starving Puppy" impressions.

Don't you just LOVE hotel room decor?


Simba said...

BOL! Lovely hotel decor...should tell HM to redecorate our place like that! bread!!!



Ruby said...

Hi Gio & Romeo
Cogratulations on placing so well in the trials. I like the big ribbons. It sounds like so much fun to travel like that.
I have a question for you. Does your mom have an easy way to remove the little snowballs that stick to long hair in the winter? Or a solution to prevent them?
Mom was late for work this morning trying to melt them off of me with her hands.
Love Ruby

GeeRome said...

Hey Ruby,

There are a couple of tricks to removing snow clumps from the paws. The easiest one is to keep the paw hair nice and short so that the snow doesn't build up in the first place. Having long paw hair doesn't actually keep the paws any warmer, it just traps snow and ice near the paw and makes it colder. So trim up that paw hair and it will really cut down on the snow clumps.

You can also use a product called "musher's wax" on the paws before going outside. It keeps the moisture away from the paws and also keeps that nasty road salt from burning the skin. It helps a little bit with preventing ice from collecting in the hair.

Good luck!!

Gio and Romeo

dreameyce said...

Aww! A Cardi!

the Corgi Girls said...

The first thing we do in a hotel room is case the whole joint... oh yeah, gotta check out all the garbage cans and sniff the perimeter... then it's the bed test... which can be quite extensive!!! BOL! Looks like you had a great time!!!

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