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Friday, August 29, 2008

Novice Obedience Fun Match

The crazy weekend has officially begun! There was an obedience fun match held at the venue this evening, so I took the boys over to get them acquainted with the building. I put them both in Novice Obedience, even though Gio is the only one entered in obedience this weekend. Romeo already has his CD, but the Rally trials are being held in the same ring so I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce him to the ring. He occasionally gets ring nerves and ends up lagging, so I treated this novice run as if it were rally-o and made sure that he had a good time.

Gio, on the other hand, IS entered in obedience this weekend (as well as rally-o), so we treated this as if it were legit. He did awesome! Wound up with a score of 195 ... I couldn't be more proud! Here is a video of Gio's Novice fun match run. (Please ignore the view of the handler ... all focus on the dog, please!)

Big "Thank You" to Liz for manning the camera for me!


Winnie said...

Awesome job! Gio will have his novice title in no time :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Thanks for sharing the video! It's great to see examples of what I hope to be doing some day soon! Mom wishes I paid attention to her like Gio does with you!

Bree/Reilly said...

Wooo hoooo.....happy barks.......awesome job Geo!!!!

Simba said...

SOOOO COOL!!! Boy do I have a lot to learn! (uhhhh..running alongside without jumping up on HM!!)

You ROCK Gio!!



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