These are the chronicles of two Shetland Sheepdogs and their adventures in rally-o, obedience, flyball, agility, tracking and therapy dog work.
Also including information on raw feeding, canine epilepsy, positive training, and lots and lots of Sheltie hair!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Night Obedience Drop In

Every Friday evening we have a drop-in time at a local dog facility. A varied group of people show up sporadically and work on whatever they need to work on. With the SKOC trial coming up in a few weeks, I'm working the boys in CKC obedience and CKC Rally-O. Whatever we are working on, they are always excited!

"We're here! We're here! We're here!"

We started with some long sits ...

Then some long downs ...

Then I worked each of the boys individually on some obedience and rally tasks. I'm not yet talented enough to hold a clicker and treats, signal the dogs, and take a decent picture ... so you will have to use your imagination.

We always end with some play time. This week a fellow trainer was there with her husky cross, Addy. Addy is a real sweet-heart, and oh so keen, especially for Fishy Fudge treats! I love her expressive face, with the one floppy ear.

Romeo really likes Addy, and tries persistently to get her to play with him. But Addy wants none of that ... Shelties are too loud and barky for her. She's content just watching them run around like fools, and monopolizing the treat bag in their absence.


the Corgi Girls said...

I love the pic of Gio and Romeo in the porta-crate!

Romeo sits and lays so proper with his paws together!

Bree/Reilly said...

you two look very good at you training.....would it be okay if I add you to my buddy list?

Bree/Reilly said...

I have added you to my buddy list and I must say I am so pleased to have another buddy blog to visit. I am quite an avid reader and just love sharing everyones adventures.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Drop in obedience class sounds like fun! Thanks for your advice about my throwing up problem - so far today, I am feeling better!

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