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Monday, August 18, 2008

Congrats to River Runners!

Our flyball team, River Runners, went to Regina this weekend to a tournament hosted by KAOS. Romeo sat out this tournament. He isn't convinced yet that he likes flyball, so we are taking a bit of a break from the sport to focus on other things. Later on we will venture back and see how things work. But in the mean time, the River Runners keep on running!

I just heard the updates, and it sounds like they all did very well this weekend! Lots of new titles and a couple of green dogs that really stood out!


Lilly got her FDCH- S

Bennie got his FDCH- Gold

Bailey got his FM

Trixie got her FDX (Good job, Ange! We were rooting for ya!)

Charm got her FD and FDX (Another green dog.)

Jessee got her FD and FDX (And our third green dog! Hate to have to lose this dog to a BC team soon.)



Thanks for checking on us.

Great to hear your flyball team did so well. KAOS hosted the tournament. Isn't KAOS that evil criminal agency in the really old TV Series "Get Smart."

We've never seen "Green Dogs" before. Are those dogs Irish? Did they come from Oz? Do they from driniking to much Green Beer? Needless to say it must be great to have "Green Dogs" around for St. Patty's Day.

Essex & Deacon


Hey we know Ferne with River Runners! we see her at agility sometimes.

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