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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Look Ma, No Glasses!

I know, I have been absent from the blog world for the past while. Truth is, I have been on holidays for the past week. YAY! First honest to goodness, "I actually purposely booked time off of work", holidays ... um ... ever. But, true to form, I'm didn't actually GO anywhere to enjoy the time off. Rather, I booked an appointment to get laser eye surgery done. Equally thrilling in its own right.

I've had glasses and/or contacts for about the past 12-ish years and I've had enough! Enough fogging up in the winter time, enough speckles of rain, enough Sheltie nose prints. Since the house purchasing experience earlier this year didn't end up digging into the savings I had set aside for a down payment, I decided it was fair to dip into that for laser surgery.

The procedure is really cool ... if you can get past the suctioning your eyeball out of your head, running a sharp blade through your cornea and burning your eye tissue away with a precision laser part. No, really, the description is a million times worse than the actual process! In reality, it's about 10 minutes of minor discomfort followed by 24 hours of REALLY SEXY SUNGLASSES!

I had the surgery early yesterday afternoon, and the remainder of the day was blurry and uncomfortable. But after my prescribed naps (yes, the doctors actually prescribed at least a 2 hour nap after surgery) my vision was much better. And then this morning after a decent nights sleep (during which I had to keep the sunglasses on so as to prevent rubbing my eyes unconsciously) I can see BETTER than I did previously with my glasses on! This is amazing!

So during the past 24 hours that I have spent sitting in the living room wearing my sunglasses with the lights turned down, not allowed to read, watch TV or use the computer (AAAAH!), the boys have been playing Nurse.

They both are taking the job very seriously. My lap has not been empty for longer than the couple of minutes it takes me to replenish my eye drops every couple of hours. Gio is keeping me warm during nap times, and then when I wake up the dogs switch off and Romeo cuddles up on my chest.

A visit to the doctor for my post-op check up this morning discovered that there is a little more blood around the surgery site than they would like to see. Apparently this is present in about 50% of cases, and no you can't actually SEE the blood on my eye so I don't look like a freak or anything (apart from the REALLY SEXY SUNGLASSES being worn 24 hours a day). So I am to continue the rigorous eye drop routine for a couple more days than usual. No biggie ... and it means that the dogs can continue their very important job as fuzzy nurses.


Tash said...

Romeo has a whole 'sexy nurse' thing going on in the photos. A bit creepy. Gio, well Gio is fantastically cute!

Winterdark said...

It's a tough job Gio and Romeo, but some puppy has to do it, right? It's a good thing your Mom has you two.


Esther said...

Totally agree with Tash- Romeo has a "sultry" look on his face with that nurse hat, hah!

Lasik is AWESOME. I remember someone telling me that it would smell like burnt squid when they do the laser part, and it totally did!

Have a safe recovery :) Very much worth it!

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

Mom says "good for you"! we should all treat ourselves now and then.. handsome nurses too!
your pal, Morgan

Diana said...

Congrats on the laser eye surgery. My husband, who couldnt even see the big "E" on the eye chart , had it over 10 years ago. The first night he kept waking me up saying, "Do you want to know what time it is?" He could never read the clock before. LOL Diana

Fred said...

Looks like they are taking good care of you!

Cool Design Shelties said...

Congratulations with your new eyes. You have some beautiful nurses :o)


Casper and pals said...

What good nurses you guys are!

Questdriven said...

I had that kind of surgery before, except they were trying to make my eyes actually work together.
Dogs make the best nurses.

Dawn said...

Very cute nurse-dogs! Glad you got the eyes done..not wearing glasses must be a wonderful thing!


We love the nurse pictures. Wowser they pawsome. We even bet they put on that old song for you. You know the one about wearing your sunglasses at night.

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