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Friday, October 16, 2009

7 Groups

Our Berner buddies over at It's a Berner-ful Life had a neat blog entry today that I am SO STEALING!

The idea is to go through each of the CKC (or AKC) dog breed groups and pick the breed from each that you would choose to own. You CANNOT pick the breed that you currently have.

Group 1 - Sporting Breeds
While I admire the looks and personalities of many sporting breeds, I don't know if I would ever choose to have one myself. They just don't mesh well with what I am looking for in a dog. But if I HAD to choose (and for this game to have a purpose, I do), I would pick the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. I know a couple of these dogs from Rally-O and agility, and they are a lot of fun! A nice size dog, very athletic, and the ones I have met have a really nice drive-y work ethic. A little more "serious" compared to other retrievers, as far as I can tell, too.

Group 2 - Hounds
I have the pleasure of knowing a lady with a couple lovely Salukis, and I have become somewhat attached to the idea of a sight hound. I don't think I could handle a scent hound, but I would be happy to share my couch with a sight hound. And Salukis are absolutely gorgeous dogs, full of character. They don't really offer what I am looking for in a competition dog, but it would be fun to try anyways!

Group 3 - Working Breeds
Would have to be a Doberman Pinscher from that group. Again, great athletic dogs, wonderful work ethic, and so full of spunk! Quite a bit less hair than I prefer ... but I'm sure I could deal with that.

Group 4 - Terriers
These dogs truly terrify me! It takes a very special person to own terriers and be able to provide them with the structure and purpose that they need. The "terrier people" that I know have to be some of the most laid back people I have met. I think that is because you HAVE to be calm and laid back in order to happily live with a terrier. If you try to control them too much, they will just try harder to resist. You have to just take them in stride. I don't know if I would be brave enough to undertake the task of loving a terrier. And though I have met many terriers that I truly enjoy, I can only handle them in small doses. They make me anxious and twitchy! So, I will choose this breed based solely on appearance. I would choose a Border Terrier because I think they are absolutely adorable. There, I will leave it at that, and back slowly away from the terrier group.

Group 5 - Toy Breeds
I would pick Papillion for this group. Again, a nice agile dog, and the couple that I have met are very successful in various dog sport activities. With the right approach, they can be hardy and enthusiastic workers.

Group 6 - Non-Sporting Breeds
A Standard Poodle, definitely. While very ... er ... poodle-y, they can be fabulous workers! I've met some seriously drool-worthy obedience Std. Poodles, so these dogs make it onto my "some day I would like to own" list.

Group 7 - Herding Breeds
Can I take them all? This group is definitely my comfort zone, and I would gladly take home MANY of these breeds! But if I had to choose just one, and if I were not allowed to pick Shelties, I would grab onto a Belgian Tervuren. Just like a great big Sheltie ... but crazier, and more drive-y. Like many dog enthusiasts, I have a list of "someday dogs". Breeds that I would love to own at some point in my life. Along with a shaggle of Shelties, Belgian Tervurens are right up at the top of that list!


Tash said...

But no Jacks, hey?

Fred said...

Don't forget Bichons!

Dawn said...

Very cool post. I had to look up a couple of your picks as I hadn't heard of them! Some great dogs you picked!

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