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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Introducing ... Beatrice!

Sheltie Hair presents to you, our new family member ... Beatrice!

Beatrice was a rehome situation that I heard about this past weekend from a friend. Said friend's sister is moving out of town and having to rehome sweet little Beatrice. I have been contemplating the addition of a small furry non-dog beastie for a while now, so the situation was perfect!

Beatrice is my first guinea pig, so she will likely teach me a lot. But she is super sweet and I'm sure will be a great teacher.

We did the initial meet-n-greet between Bea and the boys, and she handled it VERY well!

Romeo is a little bit terrified of her ...

But her and Gio really seemed to hit it off! Gio is completely fascinated by her, and she seems politely curious about him as well. Gio's already caught on that he has to be in a "down" if he wants to sniff at her, and Bea has started to learn that Gio's tail is a GREAT place to rustle around in.

Romeo will take a little longer to come around, but it will come, I am sure.

For now, Bea just has a small cage, so I will have to work on upgrading her living conditions. Though with how well the introductions went tonight, supervised floor time should be a breeze!

I really don't know much of anything about guinea pigs, so I've been doing a lot of reading online and asking around to friends. If anyone has any idea what sort (breed?) of guinea pig Bea might be, that would be really cool to know!


Tash said...

She looks to be the same as my Binky (same coat and color too), so that probably means she's a Peruvian/Abssynian cross.

Tash said...

That being said... I'd take a look at her nails right away. I see them poking out and they might be a touch long. The thing with living on woodchips is that they don't wear down. Both of mine came from the pet store with horrible nails and subsequent twisted toes. Lenin's still aren't right, but I managed to correct Binky's quickly with proper care. I just use my own nail clippers on them.

Josh and Jess said...

Oh, little Beatrice is adorable :) I'd love to get some guinea pig siblings for Josh and Jess but dog Dad doesn't like the idea too much - for now. Romeo does look a bit puzzled!

GeeRome said...

Thanks Tash!

I don't know what guinea pig feet are "supposed" to look like, but her nails do seem to be ridiculously long! The previous owner said she clipped them right before she brought her over, and they do look newly trimmed ... but still SUPER long! You might have to come over and show me how to fix them.

I've seem some pictures where people have a small paving stone type thing in front of the water bottle so they have to climb on the stone to drink and wear down their nails. What are you opinions on this??

Tash said...

Okay, the nails do generally seem long (when compared to dogs nails). As long as they're straight it isn't a big problem. I like the stone idea (you might find that you replace them relatively often as they'll likely soak up some 'mess'.

Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

Awww. Love her color! Hope everything works out for you, Gio, Romeo, and Bea.

-Mollie and Bobo

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Dawn said...

I had a red guinea pig when I was a kid. Named him Barney. He was a great pet. Dad made him a chicken wire and lumber cage, about the size of a small kitchen table. And he built Barney a house with a removable roof that went inside the cage. In the summers he lived outside in the cage, we moved it around the yard, he ate (along with his regular guinea pig fare) the grass and especially loved dandelion leaves. In the winter we moved the whole cage into the basement. Lined the house with newspaper and added crushed up newspaper balls to fill it for him to hide in. We also played with him on our cement floored screen in porch a lot. His best friend (other than us) was the neighbor's collie dog that came over and sat beside the cage for hours on end when Barney was out eating grass. Barney didn't seem to mind, and Robbie the collie liked the company.

Cheryl said...

Do a search for "cavy". They have some great info/boards out there. Including how to make a large cheap cage. :)

Here's one link:

I can't recall the board I used to go to when I was thinking about adopting a guinea pig. BTW, Beatrice looks a lot like Romeo in that picture.


We think Beatrice is a tribble. We saw them once on an episode of star trek. Then again maybe she is a guinea pig. If you have a dogzillion of them by the weekend, you'll know it is a tribble and not a guinea pig.

Essex & Deacon

Lizzy said...

I used to have a white guinea pig named Marshmallow. She liked to chase my cat around. Thankfully, my cat never thought of Marshmallow as a snack. They tolerated each other very well.

Beatrice is adorable, by the way.

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