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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Sorry Sorry Sorry! The blog has been horribly boring lately, I know. It's just that life is really hectic at the moment, and I'm rarely home for long enough to sit down and write. I have a couple of minutes left this evening before I pass out snoring, so I'll try to catch you all up with what we have been doing.

Romeo is still going to Saskatoon City Hospital every Monday evening for his therapy dog visits. We've been moved to a new unit, from Geriatrics to Rehab. The Rehab Unit is much larger, so we have two dogs going every Monday and we split the unit to get all of the patients seen in an hour. I really enjoy going to City Hospital. The staff is fabulous and the people there really appreciate the dogs.

Romeo's agility class has been moved from Tuesday nights to Wednesday nights. That is still a lot of fun, and Romeo is really enjoying himself. I've been told to get him entered in the AAC starter's trial that D&S Dogs of Course is hosting in September. The instructors think he should be well and ready to try it out by then, so lot's of homework for us to do!

The Canine Strength and Endurance class is still going strong. I'm surprised at how much I really enjoy that class. I try to remind myself to take advantage of the exercises and use them as a work-out session for me as well as for Romeo. Quite satisfying! And, of course, Romeo likes the socializing, too. He's made a new buddy in Neutron, a Schnauzer x Poodle cross that is also in the class.

And, well, chasing Pugs after class is always a good time, too. Except for these Pugs are total athletes! Very athletic and for short sprints can easily outrun the Sheltie, Border Collie, and Schauzer x Poodle!

Fridays are seeing Gio back at work at his therapy dog job at Stensrud and Eamer. Just a couple of weeks ago I put him back to work after a recover period from his pancreatitis issue of a few months ago. He's finally back to decent enough condition that he is enjoying the therapy work again. He's thrilled to be back out seeing all his ladies! He's still very thin, but the coat is coming back nicely and his spirits and enthusiasm are back to monumental levels!

Then, we finally make it to today, Saturday. Rally-O classes all afternoon, and I was able to put Gio and Romeo through their paces after classes ended. For having not worked them seriously in Rally-O for a couple of weeks now, they did really well. Both had their A-Game on tonight, I tell you!

I've also made a new meat-friend. Those are the best kinds of friends to have! Well, at least the dogs thinks so. Jen, a lady that has a couple of dogs in my Rally-O classes, feeds raw to her beasties. We were chatting last week about raw and the different deals we've gotten. I was telling her about my Sheep Experience a while back and she mentioned that she had a huge load of bison in her freezer. After both of us saying "Wow, I wish I could get my hands on some bison/sheep", we decided on a trade. So today I traded 25lb of sheep RMBs for 25lb of bison RMBs. SCORE!

This is what 25lb of bison RMBs look like.

PS. This is Jen and one of her rocking Rally-O dogs, Spike. They are Rally-O superstars!

To add to the great day, I got a wonderful surprise when I got home. As I was cooking a late dinner of No Name Sidekicks (eating like the rich and famous, I tell ya!), who knocks on my door but my mom. She's come over to cut the lawn* for me, seeing as I don't have a lawnmower or a place to put one at the present moment.

Good timing, too. Romeo was having trouble finding his way back to the house after pee-adventures. With conflicting and hectic schedules, the grass has been neglected for a couple of weeks. Add to that the huge amounts of rain we have had lately, and the weeds are just loving it!

Now no tickling of the boy-bits when they need to go do their business. Thanks mom!!

* Lawn, in this sense, is a generic term for "green stuff growing in the bit of land I like to refer to as my yard". It is mostly made up of a variety of weeds and grass-like foliage. But beggers can't be choosers, right? When it is all cut down, and viewed from a distance, it can pass as grass.

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