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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun With Eggs!

Raw eggs are a great treat for dogs, either as a special snack or part of their regular meal. Lots of really good vitamins, omegas, and protein, and they are great for the skin and coat. Not to mention, tasty too!

Most of the time I just crack an egg on top of the boys' normal food (raw diet in my case, but good on kibble, too). But it is always fun to let them try to figure the egg out by themselves now and then.


If you are going to give your dog a whole raw egg, please do so outdoors! Things can get messy.

Note that the egg shells are completely edible by your pooch as well. Not all dogs will readily eat the shells, but if they try, let them! I also save up the shells from eggs I use for myself and crush them over meals or bake them into dog treats. Yum yum calcium!

When offering raw eggs to your dog, I wouldn't give more than 1-2 a week. They are pretty rich and can lead to some rocket-butt in some dogs.

Now please enjoy some egg-y fun!


Josh and Jess said...

Wow, I didn't know dogs liked eggs (so much!) :) I'm quite prepared to give that a go now, too. Are you in any way concerned about salmonella etc in raw eggs?

Josh and Jessie's Ma

GeeRome said...

Hey pups! You should definitely give the egg a try, and be sure to take video and blog about it. Always fun to see "egg virgins" try to figure it out the first time. Romeo and Gio know that there is goodness in there already, so it doesn't take them long to crack the shell and get in. New egg dogs sometimes take a while to figure it out. Fun!!

No, I don't worry about Salmonella. Dogs have an amazing system set up to deal with normal loads of bacteria, so any contamination on the egg (or on their toys, in the garbage, on the ground, on the poop they sniff at the park, etc.) can be managed by their digestive and immune systems without problem. If you are still concerned, then you can wipe down the egg before you give it to them with warm water and a soft cloth. Any bacteria will be on the shell, not in the liquid of the egg itself. But then tossing the "clean" egg on the ground outside is a little counterproductive, no? Bet you the ground they are eating off of, playing in, rooting around in, is dirtier than the egg shell. haha


Kathi D said...

My two 1-year-olds dragged a carton of fresh eggs (from my own hens, fresh that day) and ate TEN of them, shells and all. To my surprise, there were no unpleasant after-effects!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch, as it was done surreptitiously. :)


Hmmm, Rocket butt. We wonder if that would make us just a little faster. Then of course it might be a cause for some canines to seek revenge on skunks.

We must ponder this furhter. Ohhhmmmm.

Essex & Deacon

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