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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Survived Another Woof War

Flyball is a blast, it really is. But hosting a flyball tournament is a whole other story! This weekend, River Runners flyball team hosted their 9th annual tournament. Woof Wars 9 - Dressed to the Nines. Everyone is a little sore and a lot tired, but we pulled it all together in the end. I think it went very well, no big fiascos this time*. My volunteers were fabulous, as always! Thanks to everyone that helped!

Neither Gio nor Romeo ran. Gio retired a couple years ago when his health took a downturn, and Romeo just never really loved the sport. But I still get roped into helping organize the tournament anyways. The boys did benefit from my hard work, though. In exchange for their grudging acceptance of being neglected for the past week, they won some treats and toys at the raffle table.

A big sheep to replace the one Gio won in a flyball raffle a couple of years ago and that finally went to it's sheepy grave last week when it was nothing but bits of fleece held together with thread. A couple fleece tugs and a bag of Acana kibble to use as training treats.

A local artist was also in attendance. He frequents many of the dog sports in the area painting portraits of the dogs. I have had portraits done of the boys in years past, but the artist (Ryan Schmidt of Ookie Ookie) also makes cute little buttons. I have the "agility junkie", "rally-o junkie", and "flyball junkie" (which I either lost or someone stole this weekend *sniff*) already, but picked up a couple more this weekend that made me giggle.

"I *heart* Meat" and "Carnivore" ... for my little kitchen wolves! I added them to their "doggy bag" that I use to tote around all their training stuff when we go out.

I am very glad to be home with my own boys now. They spent the day with Grandma and made sure that she enjoyed her Mother's Day. We are all ready to curl up on the couch with a hot mug of tea and a big blanket.

*Unlike a couple years ago where the whole arena flooded by water seeping up through the concrete floor.


Winnie said...

Yay, the toys look awesome. LOVE the buttons too.

Are you planning to run Romeo in flyball again, or has he become a full-fledged agility dog now? :)

Cool Design Shelties said...

Like the buttons :o)


manymuddypaws said...

i have paintings by that guy too!!!


We think you will love those new toys. Glad to hear that it was less adventurous than last years.

Essex & Deacon

Fred said...

Those buttons are too cool! (I eat meat, but my Old Girl is a veggy-tarian. blech)

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