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Also including information on raw feeding, canine epilepsy, positive training, and lots and lots of Sheltie hair!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shelties Like Scratches!

Hi everyone,

I know, I am a horrible person and have been slacking off on the blog-front for a LONG time now! I do have some good excuses, we've been super busy around here lately. Just no time to write anything worth reading.

The PhD project is coming along well.
Gio and Romeo are both happy and healthy, no issues with seizures for a long time now!
I'm now a certified CARO Rally-O judge and am eager about my first judging assignments coming up soon!
I'm still teaching Rally-O classes for Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club.
I've been traveling a LOT for school, and the boys are loving the quality time they get to spend with "gramma" when I am away.

Why am I dusting off the blog today? Because I've entered the boys in a really fun photo contest and I would LOVE if you could maybe help me out with some votes!

The contest is being run by the Western Canada Lottery Association. 10 winning photos (2 from Saskatchewan, where we are) will be selected to appear on Scratch-n-Win tickets! How hilarious is that?! Shelties LOVE scratches, so a Scratch-n-Win ticket is the perfect place for them to be.

I've entered the max of 10 photos into the contest and would greatly appreciate if you could all swing by there and give them a rating. I don't think this is a "vote every day" thing, so just once is enough! I'm trying to find the fine line between asking politely for votes and being so obnoxious so as to turn people off from helping me out. haha

Below are the photos. You can rate them all, or just pick your favorites. I think the voting is only open to Canadian residents.



Those are all pawsome pawtographs.

Essex & Deacon

Dawn said...

Well I'd vote for the tennis ball picture if I got a vote! :)

Dog Walker Los Angeles said...

All photographs are awesome but the first one is really nice both are looking cute...

Anonymous said...

Aw, wonderful photos. I wish I were a Canadian citizen so that I could vote. Good luck!


I hope you are doing okay, because it is so long since you posted.


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