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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Big Boy Turns 8!

Today is Gio's 8th birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my big man!

As a treat, Gio got a big bison RMB for dinner. He had to work for it though, no breaks on birthdays for this boy, especially when "mom" is a blogger! So the work in this case involved candles, balloons, a (homemade) party hat, and a good "leave it" command.

Of course, Gio takes "leave it" very seriously.

Like this.

So in order to get him to appear as if he is enjoying this photo shoot experience, I need to use words that will make him prick up his ears. Words like "cookie", "hungry", and "what's that?". These words, when coupled with a lovely hunk of raw bison-y goodness, result in pictures like this.

So the "ear prick" words were punctuated frequently with "leave it" words. "Leave it. Cookie? Leave it leave it! What's that? Where is it? Leave it! Are you hungry? Leave it leave it leave it."

Oh, he's such a good boy.

By the time I finally got a picture that I liked for our 52 Weeks project, poor Gio was literally quivering from the effort. I removed the flaming candle from the vicinity, and Gio was happy to indulge in his reward without worrying about the hat and balloons.

Busy. Can't talk. Eating.

Happy birthday my big boy! Let's say we plan for many many more of these, eh?


Tash said...

Happy Birthday Gio buddy!

Questdriven said...

Happy birthday, Gio! Love the RMB with the candle on it, xD. Bet he enjoyed that.

Dawn said...

OH! LOVE the "busy can't talk eating photo at the end!!!

Happy Birthday Gio-boy! You are something special, that's for sure!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Gio!!

Fred said...

Happy birthday to Gio!

Kim said...

Happy 8th birthday Gio!!!

DeBoys T.A.G. Team said...

Happy Birthday!! You look great in your fancy hat...enjoy your chew.

Katja said...

Happy Birthday ! You are sooo cute !!


Happy Be-Lated Barkday Gio. If you ever need any help with that RMB, we will run all the way up to Saskatoon from Key West. Just whistle the Lassie Tune.

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