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Also including information on raw feeding, canine epilepsy, positive training, and lots and lots of Sheltie hair!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where Dogs Shouldn't Be

This week of the 52 Weeks for Dogs project included an optional challenge. The challenge: take a photo using the theme of "Places Dogs Shouldn't Be".

I initially had a totally different photo idea in mind, but when the challenge was issued, I couldn't pass it up! So my original idea got back-burnered until next week, and instead I started wracking my brain for unique ideas that play into the challenge theme.

I decided to take a little creative liberty in the process and finally settled on: Dogs should not be used in place of ...

Flower Vases
(only one flower was harmed in the making of these photos)

I liked the idea so much, that I had to take a couple more shots that included both dogs. I really liked how this one turned out, with both dogs glancing at the camera out the corner of their eye.


Diana said...

aww, they look very cute. Diana

Princess Kayla said...

very creative!!
and they look like such darlings!

SheltieJim said...

The boys are just gorgeous, and your photography's pretty darned good, too. The kids look so proud of themselves (or is that just tolerance of mom's peculiarities?).

Fred said...

Those are great!

Dawn said...

Very very cute! I'm looking forward each week to see what you come up with next!

Olive said...

Cute and they did that so well. Olive would have turned around and her tail would have broken the vases..I can picture it now! BOL!!

Have a great weekend!

Olive :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Boys!!! I have the picture of the both of them as my screen saver. Your picture choices are great.

Dog Training Fort Collins said...

Wow they are so cute. Great pictures. I love it.

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