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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Snow Melt 2009


There is also a fair bit of mud.

But I can't complain too much, could be a lot worse ... like ALL mud. At least there are hits of grass in some areas of the yard.

My driveway lake is nearly dried up. I've tried digging a channel from the driveway to the main road, but the slope isn't right so even with the channel the water doesn't drain much. I just have to wait for it to dry up on its own.

Here is the comparison picture. The big snow piles are nearly gone.



Dawn said...

Yea for snow melt!
We're getting 6 inches tonight, so they say. But it won't last long, it's SPRING, right??


Wahoo, green stuff. We are so happy for you. After so much white, the green is so good to see.

Essex & Deacon

Tash said...

Too cute Romeo.

Mason Dixie said...

Yay for grass!!!

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