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Friday, March 13, 2009

Gio Update

Thank you to everyone that has sent words of support and positive thoughts. It means so much to me to know that so many people are pulling for Gio. I've had a hard time staying positive this past day or so, so the positive thoughts and healing vibes from everyone else is greatly appreciated!

I just got back to work after visiting Gio at the vet hospital. He looks 100x better than he did yesterday! He's still vomiting up fluid, but is up and walking around, not weaving or wobbling, much perkier than yesterday. Of course, anything would be perkier than yesterday ... all he could do way lay on his side and pant. Vet said that he CAN move, as apparently a dog yelped in a kennel across from him and Gio shot up like a rocket to bark at him!

They want to keep him on fluids at least for the rest of today. He's not on solid food yet and isn't peeing on his own (but all the chem panels, urinalysis, and ultrasounds said his kidneys look fine ... he's just not a big pee-er), so they want those back to normal before sending him home, and I agree with that. As long as he is vomiting, he needs to be on IV fluids. They have cut out the KBr and doubled his dose of phenobarb, assuming that he is going to puke some of it up anyways. He's still on pain killers, and they are considering putting him on an anti-nausea.

I'm headed back over there at 4pm to meet with the vet again and discuss where we are at. Not out of the woods yet, but looking up anyways.


Diana said...

Im so glad things are getting better. Diana

raiserally said...

So happy things are looking better for Gio! I've had shelties since I can remember and had a male over-size when I was around 5 and later. I've been reading your blog about your adventures with the boys and have enjoyed it! My sheltie Teddy says hi!

Ally & Eclipse (Servide dog in training), Teddy (5-year-old Sheltie) & Kira (5-year-old Eskie)

Nat said...

Really glad that Gio is feeling lots better!


Kim said...

I am glad to hear that Gio is feeling a bit better. I am sending him good thoughts and I hope he gets to go home soon. Hang in there (both of you).

Josh and Jess said...

I'm so glad that Gio is doing a little better this morning. We were so shocked when we read yesterday's post that we even forgot to comment and wish him a speedy recovery. Your in our thoughts and prayers,
hugs, Josh and Jess

Cool Design Shelties said...

I have just seen the bad news about Gio right now :o(

But I'm glad that things is looking better for him.

I cross my fingers that he soon will be back home and that he is fit for fight :o)

Give him a big kiss from me and Mösse...and Felix sends a hug :o)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad to know Gio is better today and we hope he continues to improve and can come home soon!

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