These are the chronicles of two Shetland Sheepdogs and their adventures in rally-o, obedience, flyball, agility, tracking and therapy dog work.
Also including information on raw feeding, canine epilepsy, positive training, and lots and lots of Sheltie hair!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thanks for the crossing!

Thanks to everyone that crossed their fingers (paws?), toes, and eyes, or maybe said a little chant to their deity of choice. It worked!

Yes, I am going to keep you in suspense for just a while longer. There is one more step to this process and that takes place tomorrow morning. At that point, I will know the outcome of this one way or another and THEN I will let you know what all the crossing was about! Today was the hard part, though, so uncross things and give yourselves a break.


Josh and Jess said...

Not another day; our paws are getting pretty sore!!!! ;o)

Lian said...

I don't think the boys can cross their paws any longer but I am still crossing my fingers!!

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